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Feathertouch Brows are achieved using a microblading technique. Hair like strokes are created then a dye is applied on top and allowed to absorb into the skin to create a full and natural shaped brow.

Powder Ombré creates a powder filled brow, similar to the look of make-up.The tails of the brow are darker and fade into a light front at the beginning of the brow giving that eye catching ombré make-up effect.

Powder brows are a fuller enhancement of the eyebrows. Using a different technique to give more of a powdered fill in look.

Combination Brows is the use of feather strokes and a soft powder filled brow.

Cecilia Cole also offers Lip and Eyeliner Tattoo, Scar Camouflage, Saline Tattoo removeal and Stretch Mark Revision (ISR).

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