Yokozuna – Japanese Restaurant

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29 + 30 - 1st Floor
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(07) 4051 8880
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Yokozuna is a restaurant which has the atmosphere of real Japanese style. The furnishing and apparatus featured in the restaurant is brought from Japan to support the atmosphere. Some popular furnishings that customers more recognise are Japanese traditional ‘Kimono’, ‘Origami’ and drape that has the shop name written in Kanji. The restaurant name Yokohama comes from a National game Sumo Wrestling. It is meant as most undefeatable Sumo’s in the world of Sumo Wrestling. Yokozuna first opening on 1st June, 2005.

The first 3 years, Yokozuna was a specialized noodle restaurant with noodles specially made in Brisbane to have similar texture and taste with the actual noodle in Japan. In 2008 Yokozuna changed it’s specialized noodle shop to Japanese Izakaya Restaurant. Izakaya is a restaurant that serves not only main dished but small dishes that accompany drinks which holds the style of Japanese cuisine. The drinks supplied at Yokozuna also follows the Japanese cuisine. These supplied drinks include most popular been in Japan such as ‘Asahi’, ‘Sapporo’ and ‘Kirin’ along with Traditional alcohol ‘Sakae’ and ‘Shochu’ which Shochu is a Japanese spirit.

The food supplied here is noodles, Teriyaki Chicken, deep fried dishes and various other side dished that accompany the drinks. People who have been to Japan finds Yokozuna dished nostalgic, while people who have never been to Japan have the opportunity to feel and eat dishes similar to Japan. Yokozuna will be waiting for you to come along!

Lunch: 11:30am – 2:30pm

Dinner: 5:30pm – 9:00pm